1. All Along

2. The Promise

3. Delilah Rush

4. Little Star

5. The Rest of Today

All Along

She's got the Summer sewn into her satin dress

I've got my lips shut tight so I can hide the mess

That I'll make of myself

She's got the scent of the ocean flowing through her hair

I've got these hands of mine that don't belong anywhere

When all they want is just to place it behind her ear

And all I needed was somebody like her to stay

And if it kills me, I will find my way

All along, I've been meaning to move

All along, I've been waiting to want

All along, I've been taking my time

As my moment's come and gone

All along

She's out there playing the field, and I'm behind the stands

Insert something cliché here about scoring

Everything I need happens when she takes my hand

But if I don't move now I'm gonna miss my chance

Can't let her run away with the pieces of me, no

Can't let her run away with what's left of my sanity

I don't mind when she takes up my time

I don't mind when she's on my mind

I don't mind when she takes up my days

'Cause all my time has gone to waste

The Promise

I don't know how I got here; I don't know where to begin

All I know is I feel nothin' but the love that I'm in

Every step I take brings me closer to the light inside your eyes

The darkness in my heart is lifted and I need not ask why

So go on

Bring the heat and melt this heart of mine

Go on

Bring the chills that I feel run down my spine

Take my hand

And seal the promise of forever, you and I

'Cause we can be forever, you and I

You always grip my heart so tight; you always feel the truth

And for the life of me I cannot speak a single word to describe you

I'm here today for a chance to say that everything I am is for you

The bitter cold we feel outside completely nothing to this feeling 

We do, we do

Delilah Rush

August sunsets seem so far away

And I'm not one to judge the tears that trickle down your face

There's something about the way you taste

That tells me I'm the one that's supposed to run the other way

You are every kind of broken that I've ever known

The furthest I have been since I left home

What is this rush I feel in my veins?

I'm so alive, living this lie

The echoes of the library

Our voices passing back and forth like lights in our dreams

I won't let you walk home alone

As you shake the tremors from your spine

The trees will shade us from the moonlight

Should I miss my only chance, I want you to know

Love is not like dying; love is everything we don't know

Little Star

The clouds, they part like eyelids from your dreams

You have come from there and back again, it seems

The wind, it shakes the trees right to the trunk

Your time was over before it had the chance to start

And through the fire I will watch you go

And in my dreams I will watch you grow

My little star

Take this world in your flame

Near and far

You'll shine free of this pain

And so bright

I will wonder what you are

By your light 

I will follow you into the dark

My little star

And for a moment I swear with you I shared this firelight

And answered all your questions of this life

And my tears burned through the frost as you took flight

And the morning sun kissed my face and told me not to cry

Oh sister, I know you tried

Oh sister, I know you'll always ask why

So wrap your fingers 'round my thumb

And hold my body up to the sun

Little star, burn this life away from me

Little star, no don't you leave me

Don't you leave me

The Rest of Today

The secrets that your body keeps

In the hours before we sleep

Like a vault that echoes deep

I lay my heart where your secrets keep

But don't wake just yet

Before our hearts regret

We insist on hurting this way

I know my weakness shows

But only heaven knows

I’ve been so strong for too long and now I pay

So let’s not waste the rest of today


The lies you tell yourself for now

We’ll learn to speak the truth somehow

And all the things I said before

I’m learning what they mean, for nothing is the way that it seems anymore


But don’t sleep just yet

Before our hearts regret

We insist on hurting this way

I know the light you left still shows

But God, only heaven knows

I’ve been so strong for too long, and now I pay

So let’s not waste the rest of today


Don’t sleep just yet

Before our hearts regret

The way we’ve spent what’s left of today

Tomorrow’s light will meet your eyes

And in the back of my withered mind

I’ve taken what’s mine, but it’s too late

‘Cause we’ve wasted the rest of today

1. A Thousand Miles Away

2. Closer

3. Drowning

4. Regretless

5. If You Let Me

A Thousand Miles Away

This part of your story was never more difficult to tell, but still

We pressed on like we knew in our hearts we should anyway

Like the eventual sunset, we set out to ignite the sky

But these broken hearts opened up and flooded everything

Don't look back now, I see it's gonna rain

Just turn and run like hell before we're swallowed in pain

I feel your every breath against my neck; you're a thousand miles away

Don't turn back now, we've travelled too far

Just let it all go back now to where I belong

I see your face in my dreams from a thousand miles away

And bridging division never proved to be more difficult

But with the fire that I see in your eyes, I'll light my way to you

Across this vast expanse of reality, I see

That this road that I took from the start would lead me right in the end


I watch you in the candlelight

Your clothes are on the floor

The glow of your body, away from this party

I wanna lose control

You're the worst kind of addiction

You drag me back for more

Bloodshot eyes; my mouth is dry

I wanna use your soul

Can this be forever?

Can this be all my life?

Can you show me how to keep you this way in my mind?

Pull me closer one last time

Your fingernails are fire

You're burning down my spine

Your lips along my neck tie the noose and take my breath

I wanna die in your arms tonight


In the silence of the floor above

A bedspring creaks down below

In the cold of the night' air between us

Your breath keeps me warm

But don't you dare wake up and remind me

Don't you remember – never-mind, me

Don't you ever find me drowning in things I don't know

Don't you ever try your reach as I embrace the depths below

Could you just lay beside me and watch the world as it burns alive?

Could you find me, and wake me from my sleep?

At the bottom of the deep end I'll meet you

And discover what the hype's all about

At the end of the shore is our secret place

Where the world we can do without

But don't you dare turn around and surprise me now

Don't you wanna forget all the tiny things now?

Beneath the crashing of the waves

You and I light up by the moon

Together, we'll swim forever

In the darkness

Beyond the swirling undertow


I never was quite as good at this 

As you always were

Nothing that we say tonight

Will make this easier

We'll stay up til the sun returns to the sky

You'll lay in my arms until the tears leave your eyes

I'll pray to the stars that your love will remain

And before we know it, we will meet again

Since the first night you looked in my eyes

And said to me "I will"

I felt the cold of your absence

When the fire gave me chills

Every stroke of breath I stole from you

As we became one

Know that you will always be

My moon, my stars, my sun

I'm gonna see this through til the end

Without you I won't pretend it's alright

To lay here without your smile

I feel you from a thousand miles away

You'll always be near in my mind

Your voice in my ear, until we meet again

We will meet again

If You Let Me

And so it was

Under skylines and twilight I just had to fall in love

And in my eyes

Like the waves on the pier, they came crashing down on your life

All I need

Is the weight of your hands, and just knowing your watching me

'Cause all I see

Is the waves in your eyes, and it feels like drowning to me

So I'll wait for this to be over

For all my days had me on to this moment

But I'm not afraid; I will take you so broken

And in my way

I will love if you let me; I'll burn til you let me go

And I will fall

Beneath the shade of your hair and the beauty of it all

Stumbling off

As drunk as I'll ever be, but I swear I'll never leave

In this voice

I hope you can see that you're all the things I need

And in this boy

I hope you can see that you've made a man of me

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